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  • 08:30

    Register; grab a coffee. Mix, mingle and say hello to peers old and new.

  • 09:00
    Kari Jones-3

    Welcome from Corinium and the Chairperson

    Kari Jones - Chief Data Officer - Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

  • 09:10
    Connect _Network-2-1

    Speed Networking – Making new connections!


    In this 10-minute networking session, the goal is to connect with three new people. Let the questions on the screen spark your conversation. Enjoy the opportunity to expand your network!

  • 09:20
    1143 CISO Brisbane_Icon_Fireside Chats

    Opening Fireside Chat: Architectural Innovation to Unleash the Full Potential of Data

    • Advocating the importance of effective data architecture across the organisation
    • Mapping capabilities to unlock the potential of data and information assets in the overall digital transformation journey

    • Encouraging continuous improvement and evolving practices to advance maturity level and better meet the dynamic needs of the business environment.

    • Demonstrating where architecture sits in the future roadmap


    Kari Jones, Chief Data Officer, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

    Sean Muller, Senior Solution Architect AI & Data, Woolworths Supermarkets

  • 09:45
    Michelle Burke - RBNZ-1

    Driving Organisational Transformation: A Blueprint for Crafting a Data-Driven Strategy

    Michelle Burke - Director of Knowledge and Information Management - Reserve Bank of New Zealand – Te Pūtea Matua


    The key to delivering a successful data-driven strategy is aligning the data and analytics outcomes to the business objectives

    • Navigating through delivering strategy in a modern digital environment
    • Exploring a practical approach grounded in real business objectives, and building a vision that encompasses data, people, process and technology
    • Emphasising the pivotal role of data in shaping and steering pioneering strategies
    • Illustrating how a focus on people-centric strategies paves the way for true value in delivering data and insight lead outcomes.
  • 10:10
    Quintus van Wyk-3

    Small Teams, Mighty Designs: Maximising Architectural Impact through Agile Innovation and Strategic Integration

    Quintus van Wyk - Enterprise Data Architect - Mitre 10

    • Exploring how Mitre 10 achieved the establishment of an Enterprise Data Platform within a year with a small team of 3 members.
    • Leveraging cloud technologies and agile methodologies effectively for swift implementation.
    • Highlighting the value of incorporating cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI into data infrastructure for enhancing data insights.
    • Aligning data architecture with business objectives – scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness as crucial elements for deriving value from data.
  • 10:35
    Fireside Chat-1

    Journey to a Modern Data Architecture


    In today’s environment, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with customer expectations. Organisations need to innovate to deliver the best products, while also modernising legacy applications and systems. Every journey to a more modern data architecture is unique and driven by specific business initiatives, but without the proper planning and execution, it can become an expensive, time-consuming project. 


    Paul Milinkovic, Regional Director APAC, StreamSets


    Adele Marshall, Head of Data & Insights, Fletcher NZ Distribution (PlaceMakers / Mico)

    Jennifer Deprez, Senior Data Governance Specialist, Air New Zealand

  • 11:00

    Morning Coffee and Connect

  • 11:30
    Panel Discussion-1

    NZ Post’s 184-Year Data Odyssey: Modernising the Data Lifecycle for Enduring Legacy


    This panel delves into the diverse perspectives of governance, analytics, architecture, and product development within NZ Post. Delving into the critical components that are enabling NZ Post to transform their data practice.


    The NZ Post Data Team has broadened its scope from viewing data solely for analytics, but the future fit as a corporate asset. By considering best practice there has been a consolidation of operational data for seamless integration in both real-time and analytical environments. In implementing data ingestion strategies through architecture thought leadership and a focus on operational Master Data, NZ Post has leveraged tooling features to implement a Hub and Spoke model. This has led to the democratisation of data and more opportunities to develop innovative ML and AI products into the market.



    Xanthe Sulzberger, Head of Data Governance & Strategy, NZ Post



    Alberto Martin, GM Data & Analytics, NZ Post
    John Forde, Principal Architect Data, NZ Post
    Catalina Ramirez Rivas, Data Product Manager, NZ Post
  • 12:05

    From Disparate Systems to Data Harmony: Building a Unified Data Lakehouse

    Michel Gehin - Data Architect - Kotahi Logistics

    • Aggregating data from various partner cloud applications into a unified Data Lakehouse, merging data warehouse and data lake functionalities.
    • Establishiing a structured+unstructured Lakehouse, ingestion pipelines, and platform control on Azure, AWS, or GCP for seamless data management.
    • Integrating data warehousing and real-time transactional processing within the Data Lakehouse, bridging previously perceived gaps.
    • Utilising cutting-edge technologies to efficiently process transactions, and meet reporting, archiving, and regulatory compliance needs, while optimising operations and reducing costs.
  • 12:30

    Fulton Hogan's Data Quality and Data Governance Journey


    Join Paul Goodhue and Brad Starr as they explore how Fulton Hogan’s data governance and data quality strategies are driving their AI initiatives. Hear about their journey to date, their lessons learned and Fulton Hogan's future plans.

    Brad Starr, APAC Director of Technical Sales, Informatica

    Paul Goodhue, Data Governance Manager, Fulton Hogan

  • 12:55


  • 13:55
    Panel Discussion-1

    Evolving Technologies, Endless Possibilities: Aligning Tools and Strategies for Future-Ready Data Platform


    During this panel, each panellist will have 5 minutes to present their architectural principles and diagrams, followed by discussions covering:

    • Integration challenges from emerging tech impacting data flow, emphasising aligned security and governance strategies for data integrity and compliance.
    • Design strategies and scalability considerations for future readiness.
    • Evaluation of current systems, creating integration plans, and setting governance protocols for seamless tool integration.
    • Importance of collaboration, continuous monitoring of tool performance, and training to relevant teams to ensure alignment with business goals.


    Nick Davies, Principal - Data Architecture & Engineering, Fidelity Life Assurance


    Nilabh Sahai, Principal Architect – Data, Kiwibank
    Alan O'Shanghnessy, Senior Data Architect, Westpac NZ

    Neven MacEwan, Enterprise Data Architect, Foodstuffs North Island

  • 14:30
    Keagan Lehmann-3

    Plugging NZ's Water Infrastructure Hole with a Data-Centric Solution

    Keagan Lehmann - Former Enterprise Data Architect – NTU Water Services - Department of Internal Affairs

    • Blending legacy insights with modern technology driving groundbreaking innovation.
    • Emphasising the pivotal role of data in shaping and steering pioneering strategies.
    • Exploring transformative potential when historical knowledge becomes a cornerstone of technological advancements
    • Illustrating how a focus on data-centric strategies paves the way for true value of solving problems for customers and society.
  • 14:55
    Keith Schulze-2

    Shifting Value Left: The Art of Lean Data Products for Enhanced Customer-Centricity

    Keith Schulze - Principal Data Engineer - SEEK


    Explore the concept of Lean Data Products, envisioning your data as finely crafted solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Discover how the integration of lean principles and product thinking into data practices enables the delivery of iterative and early value to customers.

    • Applying product thinking to comprehend diverse customer needs, fostering direct interaction for ownership and responsibility.
    • Prioritising quality and security through iterative improvements, ensuring data products evolve with changing requirements.
    • Navigating the shift from individualised data products to a unified ecosystem, emphasising accessibility and interoperability.
    • Initiating governance with product owners overseeing the process and federating it for scalability, reliability, and interoperability as data products expand
  • 15:20

    Afternoon Networking Break

  • 15:50
    Panel Discussion-1

    Keynote Panel: Cultivating Leadership Skills to Effectively Advocate for Architectural Vision for Transformative Data Advantage

    • Achieving clear and persuasive communication to effectively convey complex architectural visions to diverse stakeholders.
    • Aligning architectural visions with overarching business goals, emphasising the transformative impact of data architecture.
    • Engaging and influencing stakeholders across all levels, gaining support and buy-in for transformative architectural initiatives.
    • Developing leadership abilities to foresee risks, adapt strategies, and propose scalable solutions within architectural visions, ensuring adaptability and resilience.


    Kaushik Biswas, Principal Data Architect, 2degrees



    Jennifer Deprez, Senior Data Governance Specialist, Air New Zealand
    Michael Stark, Enterprise Architect, Formerly IAG & Blog Writer, ThinkingEA.com
  • 16:25
    Kari Jones-4

    Data Architecture New Zealand 2024 Chairperson’s Closing

    Kari Jones - Kari Jones, Chief Data Officer - Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

  • 16:30

    Cheers with Peers: Networking Drinks